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Skin by Teri is owned by Terri Hoblit, a state-licensed esthetician in Sacramento and Folsom. Terri has advanced training in personalized skin care methods, equipment and products and offers the following services: medical-grade peels, microdermabrasion, derma-planing, micro peels, waxing, camouflage makeup and advanced facial massage techniques. She uses only the best medical-grade microdermabrasion and other equipment and carefully selects the highest quality skin care products for each client, for each treatment.

Skin by Teri Products

A few of the many products in Skin by Teri's Skin Care line. Formulated by  Momoko Therapeutics .

A few of the many products in Skin by Teri's Skin Care line. Formulated by Momoko Therapeutics.

All products are 100% vegan and organic.

Yuzu+Matcha Green Tea Body Butter   9oz. $36

Infused organic green tea and hydrating shea butter with highly nourishing oils (coconut, apricot kernel, jojoba and sunflower), whipped to the lightest and fluffiest texture. An additional pinch of organic matcha (the highest quality green tea powder) and scented with cold-pressed yuzu essential oil from a farm in the southern island of Shikoku. The result is a body butter full of antioxidants, and skin soothing and tightening properties, that deeply moisturize your skin. The scent is light, fresh, and fruity. It’s the perfect skincare renewal after those long winter months.

Triple Chocolate Whipped Body Butter   4oz. $20

Triple Chocolate Body Butter is ridiculously delicious. Whipped organic cocoa, coconut and shea butters, and apricot kernel and sunflower oils, with just a pinch of cacao powder for its amazing skin rejuvenating, blood flow/circulation promoting and antioxidant effects. Scented with the most authentic chocolate scent you will ever sniff. Your skin will be supremely moisturized and smell absolutely fabulous.

Pumpkin - Fruit Enzyme Mask   $18

Made with real organic pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spices to increase circulation in your skin, vitamin C-rich oils to help improve uneven skin tones and revive dull, tired looking skin. It also contains additional glycolic acid to chemically exfoliate your skin, reduce fine lines and reveal glowing, healthier and renewed skin. It packs a punch and you will be amazed at how soft your skin looks and feels afterwards.

Sakura + Green Tea Saké Toner   $18

Infused with real cherry blossoms and jasmine green tea leaves with witch hazel and rose hydrosols, aka the "floral waters”. Cherry blossoms have profound therapeutic effects. They contain potent antioxidant compounds that prevent inflammation on a cellular level, helping skin to look visibly younger, more plump and less irritated.

Similarly, green tea is one of the best antioxidant-rich skincare ingredients, especially when combined with alcohol-free witch hazel and rose hydrosols, which are also extremely skin soothing and anti-inflammatory. Saké Kasu are skin brightening, highly moisturizing, rich in antioxidants and nutrients, and help slow signs of aging. This traditional ingredient is extremely difficult to obtain outside of Japan and Asia. Specially formulated for sensitive skin, and also containing sandalwood and ylang ylang essential oils that help soothe irritated skin and slow the signs of aging. Your skin will feel more refreshed, look brighter and clearer and appear plumper and more youthful! Alcohol-free!

Dead Sea Mud Mask   $18

Dead Sea Mud Mask with lavender and calendula is an amazing mask for all skin types, from sensitive, dry, to irritated and acetic. Israeli Dead Sea mud is no ordinary mud—it contains high levels of dozens of nutrients and minerals, including sodium chloride, magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium that are readily absorbed by the skin on your face and body. Specially filtered and purified for skin safety, it is the very same Dead Sea mud used worldwide at expensive spas and retreats. Our Dead Sea Mud Mask helps to restore moisture to tired and dull skin by increasing cellular circulation, unclogs pores and helps to diminish the appearance of larger pores and calms redness and inflammation with its unique botanical CO2 extracts of organic calendula, lavender and algae, which also tones and firms sagging skin. Your face will feel firmer, more supple and deeply cleansed.

Charcoal Detox Mask- for acne, troubled skin   $18

Our Charcoal Detox Mask is the perfect solution for stressed out and unhappy skin. It combines potent activated charcoal made from bamboo trees, deep cleansing French green clay, gentle kaolin clay and a special handmade botanical powder of calendula and lavender. Helps to deep clean pores, reduce oiliness and pore size, calm irritation and inflammation, gently exfoliate and prevent acne from recurring. Essential oils of yarrow (for wound healing), tea tree (antimicrobial) and lavender (skin soothing) make our Charcoal Detox Mask one of a kind!

Inari Cleansing Grains   $18

Japanese cleansing grains have been used for centuries to gently cleanse, exfoliate and brighten skin. Inari Cleansing Grains use traditional Japanese ingredients, like sandalwood, matcha green tea, rice powder, adzuki beans, and kaolin clay for an amazingly gentle, yet effective exfoliating cleanse. Your skin will never feel stripped, dry or damaged after washing with our Inari Cleaning Grains. You will also see less redness, irritation and a brighter and much more glowing complexion once you ditch those harsh oil-stripping cleansers! Suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and acne-prone.


Mix cleansing grains with a small amount of water to form a paste and then massage into skin. Wash off and follow up with our Sakura + Green Tea Sake Toner and Facial Cream.

Visible Vein Banishing Oil   $18

Full of tonifying, vaso-constricting and lymph and circulatory promoting essential oils.  It helps to improve the appearance of painful and unsightly dysfunctional venous conditions, including spider veins, broken capillaries, varicose veins and even hemorrhoids. A potent formulation of cypress, geranium, clary sage, peppermint and cedarwood essential oils, and herbal-infused cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil, vitamin-rich sunflower oil and intensely healing rosehip seed oil. It also contains organic butcher’s broom, horse chestnut, nettle and arnica herbal extracts, all of which have been used historically for vein conditions.

Scar Rx (10ml) - scar treatment roller ball   $19

This is an extremely potent scar treatment, helping to heal the appearance of all types of unsightly lingering blemishes and scars. It comes in a most convenient roller ball glass applicator for reaching spots with just the right amount of product.Formulated with rosehip seed, meadowfoam, hazelnut, seabuckthorn and vitamin E oils, and essential oils of German chamomile, the highest quality Corsican helichyrsum on the market, Egyptian frankincense and the finest and most expensive lavender oil from Provence, France. The skin regenerative properties of this treatment are profound and visibly noticeable in only a short period of time. Scar Rx helps to fade the appearance of old acne scars, bruising, angry red incision scars and stretch marks! It packs a powerful punch. Say good-bye to all of those pesky confidence-zapping scars.

Aphrodite Facial Serum - (30ml) for normal or aging skin   $25

Formulated with the most anti-aging, skin regenerative, restoring essential oils available, this serum helps to correct rapid signs of aging and is an excellent preventative treatment. Frankincense, carrot seed, rose geranium, ylang ylang, chamomile, precious rose and neroli offer the highest level of protection against inflammation, stress and dryness that lead to degenerative skin changes. The combination of high quality base oils (jojoba, sunflower, rosehip, meadowfoam, and vitamin e) soothe and protect your skin with antioxidant power. Hylauronic acid is added to further provide wound healing, increase moisture, encourage cell turnover and slow the effects of aging. A heavenly floral scent that is both relaxing and slightly euphoric.

Persephone Facial Serum- (30ml) for sensitive skin   $25

For individuals that have problems with commercial products and have a tendency to break out in rashes, redness or the itchies afterwards. Formulated with high quality essential oils that soothe, calm, and regenerate tender and fragile skin. Essential oils of frankincense, carrot seed, rose damask, cistus, the finest Corsican helichyrsum and rose geranium offer the highest level of protection against inflammation, irritation and stress that can lead to damaged and sensitive skin. Offers the fullest protection for your skin, one that is hard to find in a skincare product, especially at an affordable price. Blended combination of high quality base oils (jojoba, sunflower, passion fruit, rosehip, meadowfoam, vitamin e, and pomegranate seed) further soothe, moisturize, and protect your skin with antioxidant power. Also an incredibly soothing and relaxing blend for your nervous system too—now you can de-stress your skin and mind in one application!

Midori Aromatherapy Room Mist   $17

Contains essential oils that are highly antimicrobial, clearing the air of bacteria and viruses, while neutralizing unpleasant odors. Formulated to have highly uplifting scents, helping to clear away negative emotions and put you in an instantaneously better mood. It contains a combination of cold-pressed Mexican lime, pine and lavender essential oils, making it very reminiscent of a cool mountain breeze. It will sweeten and freshen up the air, while helping you to feel calmer and grounded in your environment.


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